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2020 Trends: Skincare is the new lipstick

Have you ever heard of the ‘lipstick effect’? Historically, booming lipstick sales are normally an indicator of a crisis or economic downturn. Lipstick is seen as an affordable luxury during tough times instead of more extravagant purchases. Following COVID-19, this trend did not continue but another rose in its place: face masks, exfoliants, and all things skincare!

Like many other businesses across Australia, the necessary closure of beauty and cosmetic clinics (such as ours) prevented Australians from keeping up with their usual professional treatments. Instead, consumers embraced skincare and at-home treatments in a big way. In fact, it seems we were somewhat beauty-obsessed during the first months of lockdown!

With the ease of online shopping during lockdown, and an obvious desire to nurture self care through skin care, sales figures revealed:

  • A 520% increase year-on-year in beauty product sales and a whopping 600% rise in skincare for department store Myer
  • A 61.2% increase in face mask sales and 62.7% increase in exfoliant sales through major online cosmetic retailer Adore Beauty
  • 55% revenue growth for popular skincare range Sukin

Also in 2020…

Another trend we’ve noticed over the last year is (finally!) the acceptance of sunscreen as an integral part of skincare. Instagram influencers, online bloggers and beauty websites are spruiking the benefits of daily sunscreen application and sharing sunscreen reviews (check out the Australian Instagram profiles of  @mandylikes_, @ms_hannah_e and @thelifeofclaire_).

We can only say hallelujah! Not only does sunscreen have obvious health benefits with a hugely decreased risk of skin cancer, but it is the best anti-ageing tool in the skincare arsenal. Our clients love the Hamilton SPF50+ tinted Everyday Face Cream which has a beautiful matte finish and acts as a primer for make-up. It does not contain water proofing so it will not be suitable if you’re an outdoor worker or going swimming. It’s available for just $16.95 in our clinic or here.

What’s in store for this year?

As we’re settling into 2021, we can only ponder on what this year might hold in store. Riding the skincare wave post-lockdown, Australians have been seeking professional advice and treatments to expand on their self-care routines started at home. We (and others in the industry) have seen an increase in demand for minimally invasive procedures such as microdermabrasion or galvanic infusions.

If you would like a professional assessment and find a routine best suited to address your particular skin concerns, please book with one of our trained nurses by calling us on 4775 5664 or click here.

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