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When a close girlfriend asked me years ago to train up in cosmetic medicine so she could come to someone she trusted for anti-ageing treatments I initially laughed out right!

After all, I was in the business of finding and treating serious skin cancer and this seemed such a superficial way to choose to serve others.

With a wonderful team of caring professional staff on board including a growing number of highly trained Skin Cancer College accredited doctors I was proud to see the Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic that I founded in 2009 growing and providing a terrific and much needed service to the community.

Gently keeping up the pressure and rallying support however, my friend explained that I could assist many more people on a deeper psychological level, by helping them to feel more confident about their appearance, with ADDITIONALLY  branching into cosmetic medicine.

Moreover, she thought I would be particularly suited to cosmetic work with my eye for detail, perfectionist streak and caring attitude.

So, after quite a bit of soul searching, I decided to take on the challenge not only because I love learning new things (particularly if they are practical and require precision) and helping friends out but also because of a growing conviction that this could help make a deeply worthwhile difference to a wider audience of women.

Although I was initially embarrassed sharing this seemingly frivolous decision, the vision that one day it would also allow me greater scope to support and fund worthwhile causes to help support troubled teenagers in our community inspired me to continue.

Fast forward several years and with the encouragement of enthusiatic patients asking for holistic cosmetic care and my talented team of receptionists and nurses at Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic we have built a thriving cosmetic business.

Our new premises Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic opened its doors in October 2017.

With the assistance of our three dedicated cosmetic nurses (Lyndie, Laura and Miho), I have been hugely rewarded on a deep personal level to have helped so many people look and feel their best.

The sad truth is, however, that frequently people simply don’t know what is available or possible.

With the confidence I have in our treatments I hate to think of anyone struggling with physical self-esteem issues that could often be so easily rectified.

I have found that when considering cosmetic youth-enhancing treatments many ladies struggle with FEAR: fear of the cost, fear that it will make no difference, fear of unnatural-looking results and fear of judgement from others.

With the effective, safe, and reasonably priced treatments offered by Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic nothing could be further from the truth.

Our clients soon discover that our signature style is natural-looking, fresh, rejuvenated results. Frequently we later laugh with them at how their friends and family marvel at the potency of their new cosmetic products or the power of some good nights’ sleep!

Apart from helping our clients to feel so much better about their reflection, the major motivation for opening our beautiful clinic was to allow us to raise much needed funds to help local teenage girls with poor self-esteem and depression.

Our donations are often anonymous because the last thing this age group needs is more negative feedback about body image.

Even before the pressures of 24/7 social media being a teenage girl was tough for many. In the 21st century it is so much harder for young people to foster a positive self-image and develop the courage to authentically be themselves.

Sadly, depression and self-harm in teens has never been higher throughout the history of mankind. Our mental health services in Townsville are unable to give sufficient support because of the sheer volume of the crisis.

I believe that together we can start to turn this catastrophe around and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic with your patronage.

I also greatly look forward to meeting you soon and helping you on your journey to looking and feeling your best.


Dr Helena Rosengren


Dr Helena Rosengren is the director of Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic.

This clinic has evolved into a highly sophisticated, fully equipped practice offering state of the art treatments. Dr Rosengren pays meticulous attention to detail ensuring optimal cosmetic outcome and is assisted by trained caring nursing staff who share her own passion and high standards.

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