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Skincare in 2022: what does it mean for your skin?

In the world of ‘beauty’, people are continuing to spend their time (and money) on skincare rather than makeup. Interestingly, this is a trend that kicked off thanks to COVID. The forced closure of beauty clinics, along with more time spent at home, and more irritation to our skin caused by mask-wearing and sanitiser, saw a huge upswing in skincare sales (read about it in last year’s blog).

This trend continued in 2021, with the rise of the ‘skinimalism’ approach. (Google ‘skinimalism’, the term was everywhere last year!). Basically, it means natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty where your real skin shines through. Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report describes skinimalism as “the end of the caked-on makeup look” and the new “effortlessly chic routine is simple and sustainable.” It’s an approach we fully support! But what does it mean for your skin this year?  

Cutting back your skincare routine 

Long gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all ‘exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine, along with the 27 little jars of various scrubs, serums and eye creams cluttering your bathroom benchtop. 

Skinimalism is all about giving your skin what it actually needs. I.e. adopting a simple routine with products and ingredients that are beneficial to your particular skin type. 

With so many skincare products on the market, this can be easier said than done! If you don’t know your skin type, or how Vitamin A (or B or C or E!) might affect it, a personalised skin consult helps to cut through the confusion. 

Using natural skincare products & practices 

The Pinterest report also saw a 400% increase in searches for “how to get glowing skin naturally”. Think down-to-earth ingredients and products which naturally increase blood flow (Cacay Oil & Derma Roller, anyone?). Essentially, natural products = natural glow. 

Hybrid cosmetics

Make up that also acts as skincare? Yes please! Multi-tasking ‘hybrid’ cosmetics are all the rage. New hybrid cosmetics have added skincare benefits that makes them worth using day-to-day. 

One great example is Oxygenating Foundation by Oxygenetix. Not only does it offers SPF25 protection, it delivers amazing benefits to your skin along with flawless coverage. It’s built on a unique aloe vera base that helps protect and heal your skin, while allowing it to breathe. The patented ‘Ceravitae’ formula is a supercharged oxygen complex which actually replenishes your skin cells, with plumping and anti-ageing results.

Image thanks to Oxygenetix Australia

Minimally invasive procedures

Australians have been seeking professional advice and treatments to expand on their self-care routines started at home during lockdowns. We (and others in the industry) have seen an increase in demand for minimally invasive procedures such as microdermabrasion or galvanic infusions. These procedures naturally stimulate the skin with long-lasting results. 

Our core philosophy here at Skinovation is ‘embracing your skin, naturally’. It comes as no surprise that we are advocates for the ‘skinimalism’ approach! 

Is 2022 the year you will embrace your skin? If you want a tailored skincare routine and simplified products, we would love to help you find your natural glow! 

Our top five products in 2021

As you might expect, skincare is a hot topic of discussion in the Skinovation clinic, and we all love trying new skincare products!

These are the products we used all the time in 2021, and recommended to many of our clients as well. They are versatile, can be used on any skin type, and have a real impact on your skin’s appearance!

1. Derma Roller

This powerful little tool has become a regular part of our skincare routine. Used 2 to 3 times a week, the derma roller increases blood flow to the skin, naturally helping to remove toxins so it looks increasingly radiant with time. It also allows any face oils or serums to absorb more deeply. Hello, radiant skin! Find out more here.

(Derma Roller pictured with Cacay Oil, image thanks to @x_o_tix)


2. Cacay Oil

This little-known oil is a natural superfood for your skin. It’s packed with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids… in fact, three times as much Vitamin A than rosehip oil, and 50% more Vitamin E than argan oil! 

There are heaps of benefits to your skin (read about them here), but in a broad statement, Cacay Oil delivers maximum anti-ageing effects. We also love the fact that it’s sustainably sourced from the Amazon. 

(image thanks to @x_o_tix)

3. Everyday Face SPF50+

We can’t stress enough the importance of daily sunscreen application. Not only does facial sunscreen help prevent potentially life-threatening skin cancer, it also has proven anti-ageing effects. 

Every morning after moisturising, we apply Everyday Face SPF50+, and then wait a few minutes before applying makeup. As a bonus, it works really well as a makeup primer! If you do not currently apply facial sunscreen every day, we encourage you to make this simple step your New Year’s Resolution. Your skin will thank you!

(image thanks to @hamiltonsunskin)

4. Synergie Skin

Okay, this is not one particular product, but a luxe skincare brand with a full suite of products. Synergie Skin was developed by an Australian female scientist with the philosophy of “Clean Science” – i.e. using science and nature in synergy to create highly effective, evidence-based, ethical skincare products. Be warned: once you start using Synergie, it’s hard to stop.

Available in the clinic, Synergie Skin introductory kits are the perfect way to try the range. While stocks last, we also have Synergie Skin BonBons – just $25 for two bestselling product minis! 

(image thanks to @synergieskin)

5. Oxygenating Foundation

It’s makeup, but it works as skincare. This aloe-based foundation by Oxygenetix is like a breath of fresh air for your skin. It’s lightweight and allows your skin to breathe, but also offers a flawless texture and covers skin conditions such as acne. It’s also soothing and has healing properties, which is why we offer to apply it to our clients following certain treatments. 

If you need any extra convincing, Oxygenating Foundation is used by celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian and Margot Robbie. You know they would only use the best!

(image thanks to @oxygenetix_australia)

6. Gift voucher

Whoops, did we say top five products? We couldn’t let this list be complete without a sneaky addition. The best product is of course a Skinovation gift voucher, so you always have a professional rejuvenating treatment ready to go. Self-endorsement complete!

To our valued clients, we thank you for your continued support in 2021. Our clinic will be closed from 12.30pm on 24 December, re-opening on Tuesday 4 January. We look forward to welcoming you into the clinic in 2022! 

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