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Chemical peels are better than they used to be

Have you considered a chemical peel recently?

Chemical peels are not what they used to be – they’re much better!

In the early days of chemical peels, we had to resign ourselves to painful, exposed skin; a red-raw complexion; and considerable downtime before enjoying the desired fresh, healthy glow.

It meant that the treatments quickly lost their early popularity as we all moved onto alternatives that were more conducive to a busy lifestyle.

But now, chemical peels are back in a much improved, modern manner that helps to hydrate, smooth and rejuvenate your skin without the downtime!

How have peels changed?

Thanks to cutting edge skincare technology chemical peels are re-emerging as a popular anti-ageing treatment.

While the chemical peels of yesteryear aimed to strip back the top layers of your skin to expose the brand new skin underneath; we now focus on infusing the skin with nourishing ingredients, stimulating new collagen production, and encouraging healthy skin cell growth instead.

These days, a galvanic peel is a relaxing skin treatment that can:

  • reduce fine lines
  • improve skin tone
  • even out skin colouring; and
  • deliver a radiant complexion.

We find a series of peels, interspersed with a galvanic infusion of progressive skincare products is a wonderful way to achieve optimal results.

Find out how chemical peels could improve your skin from Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic on Vimeo.

What is galvanic infusion?
Galvanic infusion gently drives a selection of progressive skincare products deep into your skin; markedly hydrating, softening and plumping the skin for a healthy glow. With the application of the right serums, it can also reduce unwanted pigmentation.

Advanced skin care from Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic on Vimeo.

So how do peels and galvanic infusion work together?

When combining chemicals peels and galvanic infusion, we use an alternating regime of a chemical peel in the first week, followed by galvanic infusion the second. In week three, we return to a chemical peel with a slightly stronger formulation, followed by galvanic infusion again the next week, and so on.

We find that three peel and galvanic infusion cycles are especially effective (that’s a total of six treatments over six weeks).

What sort of recovery time should you expect?

Any redness or peeling following a peel or infusion treatment tends to be minimal and a special healing mineral make-up can be applied straight after the treatment allowing you to go about your day as if nothing has been done.

If you think these skin treatments sound right for you, contact us today to book a galvanic infusion cycle and see the difference!

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