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How to counter sagging jowls

The development of sagging jowls is an unfortunate part of ageing that few of us can escape.

As our skin becomes less elastic with age, it’s only natural that our chin and neck should begin to droop. However, this may be countered with a procedure called a thread lift.

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread Lifts are an effective, minimally invasive and safe way to achieve a natural-looking mini facelift. Through elevating and suspending skin tissue, they can restore the youthful appearance of a lifted face and neck.

Thread lift results
Before and after thread lift

How Does a Thread Lift Work?

A thread lift works by gently inserting soft, finely barbed threads to subtly but visibly lift the treatment area – commonly the jowls, neck or face. Most modern thread lifts employ dissolvable threads, which absorb steadily over several months. As this happens, the body creates natural tissue that permanently suspends the skin in place, while also improving firmness, colour, tone, and texture.

How Long Does a Thread Lift Take?

Typically, a thread lift procedure takes between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of threads required. No general anaesthetic is required, and you can return home straight away.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Unlike conventional facelifts, there is no removal of skin involved in a thread lift. This means the procedure does not leave scars, although most patients will experience some mild redness, soreness or swelling.

Some after-procedure care is essential, including taking 1-2 weeks off strenuous activities such as exercise, sleeping semi-upright for a few weeks and, in the case of neck threads, wearing a supportive brace for the initial weeks.

How Can I Get the Best Results From a Thread Lift?

Since thread lifts are minimally invasive, it’s possible to combine them with other nonsurgical treatments to maximise cosmetic outcomes.

Some people may choose to add dermal fillers or muscle relaxants to their treatment plan. Another popular alternative is to team a thread lift with a form of skin rejuvenation therapy, such as medical microneedling or peels to hydrate, lift and firm skin.

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