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Isolation Skin – It’s a Real Thing!

In theory, you would expect self-isolation measures to lead to some of the cleanest, clearest skin you’ve ever had.

After all, many of us are taking an extended break from heavy make-up, outdoor pollutants and damaging UV rays as we spend more time at home. However, in reality, we’re seeing lots of our friends and clients reporting terrible skin woes in the last few weeks – acne breakouts, dry skin, dullness, redness and pigmentation have all made unwelcome appearances for many people we’ve been speaking with.

Why is Isolation Skin a real thing?

We’re all going through changes at the moment as we adapt to rapidly evolving isolation measures while trying to keep some semblance of routine in our daily lives. The move to working at home or significantly adapting procedures in your workplace can have a number of impacts on your body that will show up on your skin, including:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Change in diet
  • Lack of exercise

It’s likely that all of these day-to-day activities have been interrupted in recent weeks; but they all play a vital role in the health and condition of our skin.

How can I manage Isolation Skin?

Maintaining some kind of routine – both in your daily schedule and in your skin care regimen – will help to minimise the impacts of isolation and stress on your skin.

Some important tips include:

  • Try to get your beauty sleep.
    While stress and uncertainty can lead to many sleepless nights, the tips on our blog post here, may help you to increase your rest.
  • Be mindful of what you’re eating
    If you find yourself suddenly able to visit the fridge eight times a day, you may be snacking more and filling up on foods that can wreak havoc with your skin. Read how diet contributes to healthy skin here.
  • Make the most of outdoor exercise
    With outdoor exercise one of the few reasons we’re allowed to leave our homes right now, taking a run, walk or cycle can be a great stress reliever. Exercise also increases blood flow to the skin which helps to reduce inflammation, while sweat can help to remove toxins in the skin.
  • Use simple, but powerful skin care products
    You may be tempted to slap on every skincare product available now that you have some spare time to pamper yourself. While this move is well-intentioned, it can exacerbate issues while your skin is trying to adapt under pressure. We recommend sticking with a simple, regular routine using products selected to specifically to address your unique skin concerns.

While Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic is currently closed, we’ve made all our favourite skin care ranges available through our sister clinic, Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic. If you’re not sure which products are right for you our wonderful cosmetic nurse Lyndie is all too happy to have a remote consultation via phone or video chat, to help you find a suitable solution and show you how to maximise results.


Just like the current pandemic, Isolation Skin won’t last forever, but a few simple measures can help you emerge on the other side more quickly.

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