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Want those pesky acne scars sorted before your big event?


If there is a big event coming up in your life, we know you’re counting down the days! Whether it be your formal, graduation, or even possibly your wedding day, it’s natural that you want to look your best.

Many of us battle with acne at some stage in life, and long after the acne has cleared, we can be left with some type of acne scarring.  Sometimes, having these scars can put a dampener on your self-confidence, but we want you feeling your best at all times, especially on your big day!

We offer a number of treatments available to help combat these pesky acne scars. Each of these treatments suits a different skin type and is best targeted at a different issue. Our treatments are highly effective because we understand how the scars were caused in the first place. Some are suitable for targeting active acne.

These treatments include:

  • Medical micro-needling. A proven treatment for increasing collagen under depressed scars.
  • Targeted high strength chemical peels . Applied to depressed scars only, peels improve skin texture and encourage healthy tissue regeneration.
  • Red light treatment. A soothing treatment that also can help rebuild collagen.
  • Therapeutic chemical peels. An affordable yet effective option for treating acne.
  • Transdermal infusion. Using an electrical charge to infuse active acne-fighting ingredients deep into the skin.
  • Blue light therapy. Reduces the bacteria that cause acne

We also highly recommend the Allmedic range of skincare products. They are designed by doctors to repair and protect the skin. Their clinical-grade cleansers and scrubs are particularly good for acne-prone skin.

There are many different types of acne scarring – including the depth, size and colour of the scar. While the variety of treatments can seem daunting, the best place to start is by booking in for a skin assessment. Our experts will help determine which treatments/products are the right course of action for your skin.


As you might expect, there is no overnight solution to reduce the appearance of acne scars, it can often take months. If you want to see an improvement before your special day, it’s best to make an appointment well in advance. As Estee Lauder once said, “Confidence breeds beauty”. Waking up confident on your special day is the best kind of beauty!

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