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A fast non-surgical, quick recovery alternative to traditional face lifts.

    • Immediate lifting effect results

    • Minimal downtime
    • Double action: Lifting AND Rejuvenation
    • No scarring
    • New collagen growth and improved microcirculation
    • Improved Skin tone, texture, colour and hydration

    What Is a Thread Lift Procedure?

    A thread lift is a relatively simple fast procedure that first requires injection of local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience. Soft, fine barbed threads are then gently inserted in the areas to be lifted.

    The threads are slowly absorbable and completely dissolve within 12 months. During this process a supportive scaffolding of collagen is gradually formed that further improves the lifting effect as the months tick past.

    Additionally, this thread absorption process results in improved skin firmness, colour, tone, hydration and texture.

    A World Leader in Thread Lifting.

    Thread lifting may be an attractive option for ladies who want to discretely turn the clock back without having to undergo surgery. There is no scarring, minimal downtime and an instant lifting effect.

    Results are IMMEDIATE with further improvement over the coming months.

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    Dr Helena Rosengren

    MBChB, FRACGP, FACSCM, FSCCA, Master of Medicine, MPHTM, DRCOG

    Dr Helena Rosengren is the director of Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic.

    This clinic has evolved into a highly sophisticated, fully equipped practice offering state of the art treatments. Dr Rosengren pays meticulous attention to detail ensuring optimal cosmetic outcome and is assisted by trained caring nursing staff who share her own passion and high standards.

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