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The Power of Increasing Peels

Peels can be quite effective for all sorts of skin problems.  Some peels are specifically designed to reduce pigmentation or active acne where others have a plumping, hydrating effect reducing the visible signs of aging.  Additionally, stronger peels can be used selectively for acne scars or deeper lines helping to smooth the skin surface.

A new approach to peels

At Skinovation Cosmetic Clinic we’ve developed a series of peels that increase in strength over time to improve healthy skin turn-over and promote younger, plumper looking skin.

This practice takes full advantage of the minimal downtime of peels, which is typically 1-2 days of redness, though can extend to 5-7 days of redness and peeling for sensitive skin or those using a high strength peel.

How does this Increasing Peel Program work?:

Using multiple skin peels, gradually increasing the concentration of active ingredients, at weekly to fortnightly intervals will markedly improve the skin texture, luminosity and softness of the skin and can be targeted to improve pigmentation, active acne, and lined tired looking skin and scars.

What is the program?

Week 1                 Enzyme peel
Week 2                 20% lactic acid peel
Week 3                 30% lactic acid peel
Week 4                 40% lactic acid peel
Week 5                 Tetra acid 50 peel
Week 6                 Recovery week for expected peeling and skin rejuvenation
Week 7                 Jessner Peel


We’ve seen excellent results for our patients, who have completed this series of peels looking fresh-faced and feeling confident.

If you’d like to learn how this series of peels could work for you, be sure to book in for a consultation with our wonderful team.

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